Baroness Ottilie von Faber and Count Alexander zu Castell-Rudenhausen were married in 1898. Due to a testamentary clause in her grandfather Lothar von Faber's will, the company should keep the "Faber" name for all time, the marriage creates the new noble family of "von Faber-Castell". 

The couple's life along with the colors, patterns and their extraordinary craftmanship of the ladies' lounge and Alexander's office of the Faber-Castell castle  - provides the inspiration for our "Limited Edition Heritage Ottilie & Alexander".

Introduced in 2016, Fountain Pens - Limited to 1,898 pieces each, representing the year of Ottilie's and Alexander's wedding. The metal parts are made of solid silver. The grip section, end cap and pen cap are adorned by the 925/1000 hallmark. The 18-carat gold, bi-color nib with iridium tip - avilable in extra fine, fine, medium and broad sizes.The pens cap displays filigree craftsmanship with the intertwined initials A, O, F & C (Alexander & Otillie Faber-Castell).

Limited Edition Heritage Ottilie

Limited Edition Heritage Alexander

The pens are each contained in their own gift box. 

The gift box however, will accommodate both instruments 

for storage and gift-giving.