All of the Graf von Faber-Castell Pencils that require a replaceable eraser (excluding Intuition Platino,Intuition Platino, Wood and Tamitio) take the same eraser refill. The eraser is housed in a metal fitting. The entire piece needs to be removed once the eraser has been exhausted. If you experience difficulty removing it, be sure to pull firmly and evenly on the grooved accent ring.

Graf von Faber-Castell Spare Eraser 

Item number 188631

5 White Spare Erasers in metal fitting

For the Entire Graf von Faber-Castell Collection 

*Excluding Intuition Platino, Intuition Platino Wood & Tamitio

Intuition Platino & Intuition Platino, Wood Spare Eraser (Coming Soon)

Item number 188659

3 White Spare Erasers in metal fitting

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Tamitio Spare Eraser

Item number 188202

1 White Spare Eraser